Methodology decision of inventor tasks

Description of objective interconnections between system resources, i.e. energy, substance and information at the research stages, planning and production is given. Thus every labour action at the examined stage is presented as a rectangle, in the apexes of which «aim - means - object of labour and the result» are successively located. Adequately the corresponding stages are described in its apexes by such resources as: research is «information - energy - substance - information», planning is «energy - substance - information - energy» and production is «substance - information - energy - substance». The solution of the target task is accomplished taking into account that every preceding stage in the innovative cycle prepares resources for the subsequent stage of the cycle, and it is found at the exposure of interconnections of the resources involved between the related stages of innovative cycle by realization of their connection and disconnection.

Keywords: resource, task, cycle, stage, research, planning, production, co-operation, methodology