Innovations №10 / 2014


  1. Innovative youth education begins at school
  2. Mobile lab in your pocket
  3. Ecological meteorological station and SSoft:EcoMeteo monitoring system are used for scientific and research works
  4. Interschool natural scientific laboratory - exploratorium
  5. Laboratory complex «OC3. Reffort Studio»
  6. Tablet PC as a mobile laboratory naturalist
  7. Software system for virtual lessons in physics using augmented reality and 3D-stereoscopy
  8. M-learning Resource Center for Schools
  9. Portable school laboratory ELLA
  10. Educational equipment of microprocessor technology for pupil’s design activity
  11. Education modernization by modern technology: educational laboratory hardware and software system «Chemistry for school»
  12. «HiSHnik» - the crossplatform interactive chemistry problem book with free-constructed answers
  13. Interactive hardware-software system for laboratory and demonstration work on nanomaterials
  14. Universal 3D-printer with an open platform
  15. Multifunction system with the function of preventing epidemiy - new approach to solving the problems of the modern integrated security institution
  16. New multifunctional LED spotlights power up to 200 W
  17. Bolshechirkleyskaya School - sociocultural centre
  18. The new standard of general education and modern technology
  19. Russia Needs New Industry Policy
  20. Business Climate and Effectiveness of Regional Autority
  21. A system approach in procedure of quality assessment of personal training for military-industrial complex
  22. Two universities - similarity and distinctions in student's views
  23. Public policy in the national innovation system: theory and practice
  24. Import Substitution in Innovative Economy
  25. Industrial partner as a new entity of the Federal target program «Research and development on priority directions of development of scientifictechnological complex of Russia for 2014-2020»
  26. Individually oriented economic estimation of the risk to health due to pollution of the atmosphere
  27. Providing innovation development of region (by the example of Moscow region)
  28. Reproduction of fixed capital in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal district: incentive problems and vectors of development
  29. Methodology decision of inventor tasks
  30. Evaluation of integrated risk innovation and investment planning in the implementation of the results of scientific research