M-learning Resource Center for Schools

At present we are seeing a process of replacement of the traditional PCs for mobile internet devices (MID). Their power, multimedia and communications capabilities are increasing. That allows to use them for access and effective representation of multimedia content, as well as the basis for the creation of physics laboratory-hardware complexes, including the use of robotic devices. The complexity of the project’s functionality is ensured by the work carried out in four areas: 1) Software: Development and implementation of new tools intended for direct access to educational content and laboratory equipment with the use of MID; 2) Educational content: Use (subject to copyright) of the best multimedia content and the creation of its own, which would be brought by using LMS Moodle; 3) Mobile physics laboratory designers: Construction of the laboratory-hardware complexes for physics on the principle of technical designers; 4) Mobile robotics: Layout of the composition of robotic kits, supplemented by sensors measuring physics variables.

Keywords: resource center, distance learning, educational content, hardware and software systems, digital lab, the designer on physics, universal learning activities