Estimation of seasonal fluctuations in the cost of construction work using econometric and other methods

For construction enterprises, new challenges to the development of the Russian economy are superimposed on industry specifics, including the seasonality factor. The aim of the study is to assess seasonal fluctuations in the cost of construction work using the author's methodology for assessing seasonality based on a set of analytical methods. The article discusses the essence of seasonal fluctuations, their significance for the construction industry. The factors influencing the intensity of realization of residential real estate and receipt of revenue by construction enterprises. The author's method for determining the fact and trends of seasonal fluctuations, combining graphic, econometric and other analytical methods, is presented. On the materials of one of the largest construction enterprises of the Belgorod region, seasonal fluctuations in the cost of construction work were identified and analyzed

Keywords: seasonality, seasonal fluctuations, econometric methods in economics, autocorrelation coefficients, seasonality index, construction industry.


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