Research of methods and rates of introduction of innovations in activity of the Russian coal mining enterprises

The article describes the history, difficulties and results of introducing innovations in the practice of Russian coal mining enterprises of the Soviet and post-Soviet times. Specific actions of innovators to overcome the problems encountered with the implementation of developments are shown. Generalization and comprehension of the described and other examples of introduction of innovations in the activities of coal enterprises of the country allowed to show different methods of activity of innovators. It is shown that the content of these methods is determined initially by the position of the idea generator-internal or external-and its position in the service hierarchy of the organization-the head or performer. The systematization of methods for introducing innovations according to the sources of their generation is carried out. The connection of implementation methods with sources of innovations and investments is shown. It is noted that the duration of innovative renewal of an object or system of a mining enterprise by one or another method, in addition to a number of factors, is largely determined by the ratio of the intellectual and innovative potentials of the innovator and the Manager of the object (system). At the same time, the businesslike components of these potentials play a decisive role at this stage. The dependence of the pace of innovation implementation on the businesslike potentials of the innovator and the Manager of the updated object is established. High rates are achieved with the potential of both sides balanced at a high level

Keywords: mining engineer, enterprise, intellectual and innovative potential, innovation, implementation, businesslike potential, method


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