Scientific and technological forecasting — a tool for evaluating the innovative development strategy of two-component nuclear power

Two-component nuclear energy with thermal and fast neutron reactors (fast reactors — FR) is an innovative direction in the development of promising energy systems. The current state of the development of Russian FR technologies is considered. Technological and economic readiness for commercial implementation. It is shown how, using expert models with hierarchy analysis, it is possible to assess the prospects of exporting a nuclear power unit, including the export of nuclear fuel cycle facilities, and the possibility of using mathematical modeling for export issues of a nuclear fuel is confirmed. As a result, an approach was developed for an in-depth analysis of the role and place of FR in Russian nuclear exports with or without nuclear fuel cycle installations in the implementation of a two-component nuclear energy system in the world, and proposals were formulated to justify the timing and economy of creating a new innovative sector of the global energy market

Keywords: nuclear energy, fast neutron reactors, closed nuclear fuel cycle, hierarchy analysis, analytical networks, nuclear export


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