The lapses of the Federal law № 172-FZ «On strategic planning in the Russian Fede ration»

Eight lapses of regulation of strategic planning are shown by this law. The 1st — planning as voluntary, unilateral activity of the power. the 2nd — subjects of economic activity do not participate in strategic planning of economic development. the 3rd — follows from the name of the law that it regulates any strategic planning in the Russian Federation, but does not provide that which is carried out by citizens and legal entities, having deprived of legal value such planning. the 4th — is absent regulation of procedures and actions of participants of process of strategic planning. 5es — instead of positive legal regulation the law makes nominative formulation, and definitions of the law do not contain intrinsic signs of the defined concepts. the 6th — under the law strategy, does not take interests and actions of the legal subjects competing in the international and domestic markets into consideration. 7th — the law assumes one-alternativeness of the forecasts and strategy relying on uncontested goal-setting which it is groundless mixes up with a problem of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation. the 8th — the law, contrary to modern foreign and Soviet experience, does not create legal institute of special competence in strategic planning, the body of the state executing it

Keywords: strategy, strategic planning, participants of strategic planning, consensus of levels of the public power at strategic planning, federal economic service of strategic planning of the Russian Federation, Federal вank of the planned credits and investments of the Russian Federation


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