The role of university cross-functional teams in the formation of competencies of graduates and commercialization intellectual property in the field of nanoindustry

The general competences of graduates of universities of Russia and the European Community are considered and singled out. Factors affecting the success of the formation of the cross-functional team of the university are considered. The experience of the formation and activity of the cross-functional team in the scientific direction "Development of new carbon nanocrystalline materials and metal-polymeric nanocomposites under the action of IR heating" in NITU "MISiS" is considered. Specific features of the cross-functional team in the nanoindustry are highlighted. The composition of the team and the interaction between the members of the cross-functional team, the main results of the team's activities and the prospects for its development are considered

Keywords: nanoindustry, cross-functional team, graduates' competencies, commercialization, nanomaterials, feasibility study of technology, estimation of market value of nanotechnology


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