Oil and gas markets: risks, sustainable development models, future forecast

Traditionally, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum for the tenth time, the leaders of the world’s largest oil and gas companies are discussing the basic themes of the industry development. A distinctive feature is the opportunity on the margins of the forum to directly and openly discuss, among other things, complex topics that are often ignored by other forums. Here, one of the first to start talking about imbalances in the regulation of the industry, the outstripping consumption and the role of gas, the need to regulate financial market participants, the role and challenges in the development of alternative energy and transport. Apparently, that is why the forum has such a huge interest in energy issues. And just like always, many people wanted to get into the hall where the sessions took place, but not everyone was lucky

Keywords: oil and gas industry, development forecasts, sanctions, gas pipelines, alternative energy


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