The role of small and medium-sized high-tech companies in the Russian economy

The task of technological modernization and the role of high-tech-logical small and medium-sized companies are considered. The stages of development of small innovative business in Russia are shown. The classification of small high-tech innovation innovative enterprises is given. The variants of technological modernization in Russia are considered. The role of the Federal Law № 217-FZ for the commercialization of intellectual property of universities and scientific organizations and the advantages of the university in the creation of small innovative enterprises (business companies) is shown. The dynamics of the creation of small innovative enterprises and factors that impede the development of the innovation enterprise are presented. The process of bringing an innovative product to the technological market is considered. Examples of the organization and activities of small high-tech companies are given. The problems and needs of the development of the Russian high-tech market are considered. The initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development, which created in 2016 a priority project «Support for private high-tech leader companies»

Keywords: small and medium-sized high-tech companies, global technology market, small business, state support, technology, development of small, innovative business, law № 217-FZ


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