Open innovation accelerators based on information platforms

In the context of the article the open innovation accelerator (OIA) is as an organization that helps its clients profit from open innovation by connecting external partners (or solution providers) to all stages of an innovative project. In the article we consider: • tools that help companies manage targeted, inbound and outbound knowledge flows and the place of OIA among them; • the general model of the open innovation project, which is implemented by the company, highlighting the key barriers here — the most complex components of this process; • approach to the OI project with the involvement of innovation intermediaries — how the OIA can help overcome these barriers, what is the range of these intermediaries, and how to choose the appropriate intermediary, taking into account the specifics of the task facing the company; • the model of the company’s work with OIA in the framework of the key stages of the OI project

Keywords: open innovations, innovation intermediaries, open innovation accelerator, network information platform


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