The general types of processes and resources in national innovation systems

In the paper, the national innovation system is considered as a result of an interaction of key processes implementing the main functions of the system that are creation, storage, knowledge transfer and economic use. In addition to these processes the critical processes whose functioning is crucial for key ones are introduced. Besides, the processes of interaction between key and crucial ones are considered. The interplay of NIS processes and their environment are also included into consideration. Upon identifying the processes, they are presented with «black boxes» with their inputs and outputs and functional factors transforming the inputs into outputs. The resources of the processes are divided into two categories: strategic and accessible ones. The former is associated with characteristics of driver processes while the latter is the resources of intensity cores and subscores of NIS processes. The study estimates the availability of the resources and their allocation among the property and size classes of Russian companies. The investigation determines the degree of the accessibility of strategists resources and the efficiency factor of using available resources

Keywords: key, critical, complementary and adjacent processes, intensity cores, strategic and accessible resources, efficiency of resource use


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