«Big challenges»: globalization or glocalization? Variability of the design strategies of scientific and technological development

Numerous analytical overview of the current level of scientific and technological progress, and forecasts its future development claim that the world is facing a new economic reality. VI and VII of technological orders, knowledge economy, «Industry 4.0», «Science 2.0», «University of 3.0 and 4.0», «Innovation 4.0», a national technology initiative, smart factories kiberfizicheskie system — all of these terms, concepts and development appear to increasing intensity in the last decade and a half of the XXI century. Necessary understanding of what is happening and the future strategic planning. In response to the request of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation to develop a strategy for scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation for the long term it was presented two projects. The article discusses the main provisions of the projects

Keywords: strategy of scientific and technological development, «great challenges», a single set of «science – technology – innovation», the management of investments in research and development, globalization of technology markets glocalization


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