Innovation electricity storages powered by lithium current sources for mobile and permanent-type applications

The issues of standalone power supply systems development associated with the unavailability of electricity storage elements of domestic origin to meet modern-day requirements have been reviewed. A promising outlook for the use of rechargeable lithium batteries was demonstrated and analysis of status and trends in the development of those provided. Structural framework and engineering concept of innovation electricity storages powered by lithium-ion rechargeable cells, were substantiated. Microprocessorbased systems of monitoring and control are integral and essential component of those. Drawing on the example of AVECS JSC, systematic, circuit design and algorithmic solutions employed in the development of smart lithium-ion electricity storage for aerospace and marine equipment, mobile and fixed terrestrial applications, were analyzed.

Keywords: electricity storage, rechargeable battery, lithium-ion rechargeable cell, monitoring and control system, power supply system, combination-type powerplant, uninterruptible power supply