Plasma technology of solid waste disposal:the promotion of innovation in the market

The paper discusses the innovative ways of solving the problems of energy and resources, combined with environmental concerns disposal of solid waste. Analysis of the situation presented to the accumulation and disposal of anthropogenic waste and discusses the benefits of using innovative technologies elektroplazmennyh MSW incineration, developed at the Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS. The methodical approach to the construction of ecological-economic assessments of public performance of the innovative project, the formation mechanisms of state support technology innovation project elektroplazmennoy disposal of solid waste, using the methodology of foresight studies.Presents a comprehensive ecological and economic evaluation of the project creation process plasma incineration of municipal solid waste and obtaining useful energy at the Novosibirsk region. Shown that government expenditures aimed at supporting innovative technology, pay off the expected benefits of energy conservation, as well as environmental and social effects of its introduction. Makes recommendations to improve the efficiency of transfer of innovative technologies of waste utilization in the real sector of the economy.

Keywords: elektroplazmennaya innovative technology, energypotential, pollutantemissions, solidwastemanagement, foresight research, public performance of the project, social and environmental effects, commercialization