Innovations №12 / 2014


  1. The verbatim record of the meeting of the Presidential Council for Science and Education
  2. The competitiveness of production is closely linked with innovation activity
  3. Modern design and future directions of activity of KB "Arsenal"
  4. Filipp Rutberg "We have to think how we leave the planet"
  5. Landmarks reproduction of intellectual capital in the strategic management of the economy and society
  6. Reindustrialization transformation of the architecture of national innovation system of Russia
  7. Preconditions and consequences of the militarydriven technological modernization of a national economy
  8. Information and analytical system of monitoring of scientific and educational capacity of higher education institutions and scientific organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
  9. Three «I»s in the development of the Russian economy: investments, industrialization, innovation
  10. Innovation Infrastructure: composition and place in the innovation system of the economy
  11. Improving of The Commercializing Innovation Model
  12. Plasma technology of solid waste disposal:the promotion of innovation in the market
  13. Cooperation in the field of academic entrepreneurship
  14. Eurocodes: opportunity for cross-border science, education and business cooperation
  15. Effectiveness of regional innovation development:case of Tomsk region
  16. Classification and assessment of the transaction costs to the technological business
  17. Development of an algorithm of the method «inverse relationship «price/earnings» the purposes of offering an adequate discount rate at the economic and investment venture exploring innovative projects
  18. A new approach in determining the rights of intellectual property with exports
  19. Competitive system monitoring and formation of a complex model of technical system by information from various sources
  20. The modern development of ICT in Moldova:problems and prospects
  21. Innovative projects in the CIS countries