The System of Project Management Support in ITMO University

Modern system of higher education in Russia is facing intensive modernization and change processes, in particular - development of project activities, boosting university’s industry and community relations. At the same time one of the serious problems of most Russian universities is relatively low activeness and efficiency of the university project activities.In order to solve this problem the authors of the article propose to use a special «institute» of project managers. This article presents the results of development of the project management support system in ITMO University. By introducing this approach the University managed during the past two years to significantly increase project activities. In the first part of the article we describe the general organization of project management support in ITMO University, in the second - the system of project managers and project-oriented education, in the third - initiatives to support student project work, in the fourth - a system of information support of project activities.

Keywords: higher education management, project management system, fundraising, project management, innovation in higher education