Proof of concept center as a perspective tool for innovation development of entrepreneurial universities

The experience of USA on creation of new type of innovation infrastructure unit is reviewed in the paper. This unit is named there as Proof of concept center and not typical for Russia. The POCC abbreviation of proof of concept center is used in the paper. The functionality of POCC, a position in the innovation chain and difference from a technology transfer center were analyzed. It was found that main feature of POCC is possession of own investment fund for investing in innovation projects. There was analyzed main sources of the investment capital. According to the capital issue, classification of the POCC on two main types was proposed. The paper contains descriptions of some POCC in USA created in different time and having different scales. Interaction between increasing of amount ventures and creation of POCCs was detected. A data of existence in Russia of structures similar to firs type of POCC was shown and preconditions for creation POCC of the second type were reveled. The paper presents data, which indicate, that POCC is prospective and high efficient innovation infrastructure unit.

Keywords: proof of concept center, innovation infrastructure