To the Question on Structural Barriers of Small Innovative Enterprises

In this paper author investigates particular features of the development of small innovative companies (SICs) in Russia based on results of questionnaire survey. Relevance of the issue is due to the active role of SICs in the modern world, that places high demands on the state innovation policy. The complexity of policy implementation is that the successful development of SIC is often determined by individual set of success factors, so the scalability of best practices and the effectiveness of state support is limited. In particular, in Russia, state support of SICs has received considerable attention. At the same time, its real effect is still quite narrow. This demands the systematization and analysis of the experience. In this study, the author analyzed the structural problems of the SICs and identified the most effective development models: «successful fundraisers» and «hi-tech exporters». It contributes to refine the theoretical concepts and principles of innovation policy, and makes recommendations for the SICs

Keywords: small innovative companies, enterprise management, innovation policy, innovation economy