Innovations №1 / 2014

Тема номера: Устойчивое развитие административно-территориальных образований на основе экономики качества


  1. Sustainable Development of Administrative-and-Territorial Formations (Communities) Based on the Economics for Quality
  2. Development of a Megalopolis and Ensuring a High Quality of Life: Problems and Solutions
  3. Harmonization of Domestic Development Indicators of Administrative Territorial Formations with the International Requirements
  4. Systematization of Hidden Losses and Lean Manufacturing Tools
  5. Integration and Network Directions of Personnel Training for Innovation Economics
  6. The Innovative Approach to the Assessment of the Quality Assurance of Educational Activity in High School
  7. Preparation of Materials Based on Recycled Sewage Sludge Utilities
  8. Interaction as the Factor of Innovation Development: Agglomeration Effects
  9. «Digital Oil Field» is the Way to Recover Reserves of Hydrocarbons
  10. Results of Space Activities by World Countries for 2013 year
  11. Public-Private Partnership as a Critical Factor in the Development of the National Innovation System
  12. Increase of Effectiveness of Scientific and Innovative Programmes
  13. The Assessment of the Network of Centres for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment on the Priority Directions of Science and Technology Development in the Russian Federation
  14. The Effectiveness of High-Tech Foreign Countries Industries Development Assessment
  15. Venture Financing of Innovative Activity in Russia
  16. Diffusion of New Energy Technologies: International Standardization as a Tool to Reduce Non-Technical Barriers
  17. The Role of Online Platforms as a Facilitator in the Model of Open Innovations
  18. Cooperation Between University Scientists and Entrepreneurs as a Factor for the Development of Small Innovative Enterprises in Russia
  19. To the Question on Structural Barriers of Small Innovative Enterprises
  20. New Trends in Training of Specialists for Defense Industry
  21. The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Educational Services Market for Small Business in Saint-Petersburg
  22. Free Economic Zones of the Republic of Moldova
  23. Innovative Approaches To Creation of the Management System for a High Technology Production
  24. Technological Innovations is the Effective Way for Changing the Structure of Production Costs