The Effectiveness of High-Tech Foreign Countries Industries Development Assessment

The investigation of the effectiveness of high-tech industries development was made. The methodology of assessing the effectiveness of high-tech industries development was worked out. This methodology includes three main groups of results: economic, social results and effectiveness of interaction with the external environment. Methodology testing was conducted based on the statistics of three countries: U.S., Germany and France. Period of study: 1991-2007 years. The study found that the main result generated by high-tech industries is a high proportion of the exported products and generating export revenues. However, these revenues are offset by costs of the country on similar products import. High-tech industries produce economic and social effects, providing 10-20% of production and employment in the manufacturing industry. However, this share is almost no increase over the 17-years period. There is no significant growth results (or they can not be identified on the data of modern statistics) in these industries. These features and laws of high-tech foreign countries industries development have to be taken into account in the process of designing and implementing strategies and programmes of innovative development of Russia.

Keywords: high-tech industries, manufacturing industry, effectiveness of development, methodology, innovations, United States, Germany, France, innovative economy