The International Prestige of the Russian Higher Education: Problems and Solutions

The University attractiveness for applicants and diploma’s authority for the employers mainly determines by the rankings position of the certain educational institution. Various agencies regularly make the rankings of the best World Universities. The analysis of factors, which influence to the international authority of Russian High education, is the aim of the current research. The place of Russian High school in the World educational process is considered in this article. The reasons of unjustifiably low ranking of Russian Universities according to the point of view of the leading rating agencies are established. The possibility of usage the calculated quantitative index for evaluation the publication scientific value is considered. Authors suggest the set of actions in combination with the help of University Departments. It can be a guarantee of releases quantity increase in the international scientific publications and to grow up the citation articles index as a result.

Keywords: University ranking, ranking indicators, Diploma’s image, publications quantity, impact per paper, citation index, rising of Russian Universities ranking