Innovations №9 / 2013


  1. О Петербургском международном экономическом форумеOn Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum
  2. The Cemicentennial History of the Fund of Standards and Technical and Patent Documentation of the National Library of Russia and its Innovation Strategy
  3. Experience of Cooperation Between Institutions of Academic Science with Business on the Principles of Public-Private Partnerships (for Example the Institute of Coal of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo)
  4. Ukraine Selects Empirical Creativity
  5. The Costs and Benefits of Integration the Republic of Moldova into EU and EEC
  6. Improvement of the Methodology of Cost Accounting and Measurement of R&D
  7. Analysis of Financing Instruments Using for Scientific and Innovative Activity
  8. Innovative Economy: Mechanisms for Solving of the Priority Problems of Innovations Quality. Draft Review of the Long-term IP National State Strategy Regulations
  9. Classification of Development Institutions
  10. Science, Innovation, Intellectual Property are the Basis for the Transition to an Innovative Economy
  11. The Role of the Labor Discipline in Innovative Economy
  12. Modern Approaches to Consideration of Management Processes by Social Development of the Region
  13. The International Prestige of the Russian Higher Education: Problems and Solutions
  14. Management of the Human Resources at the Technical Higher School: Mechanisms of Strategic Management
  15. Innovative Approaches to Agricultural Specialists Training in Continuing Education for Regional Agricultural Sector (by the example of Belgorod Region)
  16. The Legal Provision to Reduce the Socio-Economic Impacts of Air Pollution is Expressed in Financial Losses of the Population caused by Environmentally Caused Diseases
  17. The Innovative Development Processes Controlling of the Industry: the Experience and Problems in Conducting of Research and Development. Innovation Controlling
  18. Radars with Transmitters-of-Opportunity. Part 1: State-of-the-Art