Innovative Economy: Mechanisms for Solving of the Priority Problems of Innovations Quality. Draft Review of the Long-term IP National State Strategy Regulations

Hereat, the genesis (creation) of IP in the real sector of the economy is the process of production of subjects that must be given the legal protection. In the field of scientific and technical activities these subjects are mostly the technical solutions and software, created mainly in research, development and technology development. Weak scientific and technological level of R&D results, carried out by local performers on the federal budgetary funds, produced the low competitiveness both the manufactured scientific-and-technical products as well as the new products and technologies samples created on its basis, also the entire national economy in the area of high technology and high-tech products, as well as the federal budgetary funds inefficiency within the innovations sphere and financing of research and technological development. The key for solving the priority problems (challenges) facing the national economy in the sphere of innovation development and growth of R & D number of IP protected results carried out for the federal budgetary funds account, is firstly the shifting the center of attention of the state and corporative management control from the stage of fixation and right execution for created IP subjects to the early lifecycle stages of technique and technologies development, is the process of generation of new knowledge, the process of genesis of the results, including the results of the intellectual activity. This may be accomplished by increasing the efficiency of the R & D process performed by government contracts, the organization of effective management and control of scientific and technological level of R&D carried out by federal budgetary funds and corporations with state interest in business.

Keywords: national economy, state management system, scientific and technical activity, innovations, state contract, R&D, scientific and technological standard, intellectual activity results