Reflections about Perception of Innovations by Society

Positive spirit at the level of decision-making to involve as much as possible subjects in innovative process doesn't allow doubts and it is traditionally calculated on active support of a new trajectory of growth. This calculation can be satisfactory if to agree that the problem of innovative development is perceived equally by any number of different people. Actually it is not so. The comparative analysis of the motivation which has been carried out by method of expert evaluations to reproduces various potentials between conservatives and innovators whoich are subjects of economic activity. Wide range of perception of innovations from active support before rejection is revealed and the model of an interference of motivation is offered. The solution of the problem of management is reduced to search the compromise option providing the maximum value of active positions and the minimum influence of counterpositions. The task has known, but its decision in practice is carried out in the «hand made management» mode at which it is difficult to hope for quantitative expansion of innovations without inspiration and incentives.

Keywords: innovations, perception of business and society, motivation interference, innovators, conservatives