Economic and Institutional Problems of Military-Industrial Complex During the Reform Years (1990-2000)

This article analyzes the role of the institutional environment and new institutions to ensure successful and effective development of the military-industrial complex (MIC) of the Russian Federation, the evolution of the economy during the defense reform, reconstruction and development program and target management in the creation and production of weapons, estimated the nature and level monopoly, the extent of its impact on prices, quality and efficiency of established weapons consider possible steps antitrust. The questions of the relationship of defense and the new industrialization of the country, vocational training from the perspective of the strategic tasks of the defense industry and the ongoing reforms in education and science.

Keywords: reforms, institutions and institutional conditions, state armaments program, federal programs of weapons, financing and investment, state corporations, monopolies, prices, research and development of military equipment and technology, training of personnel for the development and production of new weapons, military-industrial complex