Innovations №8 / 2013


  1. Seven New Factories are Being Built at the Special Economic Zone «Dubna»
  2. «Bravo Motors»: Innovations in Astrakhan
  3. Economic and Institutional Problems of Military-Industrial Complex During the Reform Years (1990-2000)
  4. The Main Internal and External Factors of the Development of Russian Defense Industry
  5. To Question about Directions in the Improvement of the Mechanism Software-Target Planning the Development of the Russian Defended-Industrial Complex on Modern Stage
  6. Pricing Management on Military Product at Realization of the Concepts, Founded on her Consumer Value
  7. Innovative Component of U.S. Policy in Central Asia
  8. Reflections about Perception of Innovations by Society
  9. Homo Innovaticus: Paradoxes and Contradictions of the Innovative Anthropological Project
  10. On the Importance of Engineering Ethics for the Innovative Economy
  11. Determinants of Assessing Feasibility of Intellectual Products Potential in the Venture Financing System
  12. Public-Private Partnerships as an Instrument for Fostering Innovations and Overcoming Market Failures: A Critical Assessment
  13. Saint-Petersburg Industry: Structural Movements and New Trends
  14. Human Resources Management at the Technical Higher School: Monitoring of Teacher' Professional Competence
  15. The Experience of Territorial Clusters Development in Kaluga Region
  16. Innovation Effectiveness Valuation Based on Optimization Modelling for an Industrial Enterprise
  17. The Technical and Economic Aspects from Geothermal Technology Using to Energy Production and an Estimation of the Cost of a Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Power Plant
  18. Innovative Marketing in the Art Business and its Capabilities
  19. Magnetic Shields Based on Amorphous Alloys
  20. Electronic Hardware for Aid to the Blind. Household Appliances