Innovative Component of U.S. Policy in Central Asia

Innovative component of U.S. policy in Central Asia has been considered for the first time in this article. It was noted that the importance of this component in the Russian regional policy was not taken into account, allowing the Americans to push Moscow gradually to a secondary role. During the studies the features of U.S. policy in Central Asia during the time of President George W. Bush and Barack Obama were revealed. It was stated, that Americans exported not only advanced technology and management methods to the region but also proposed a fundamentally new (innovative) idea for the regional integration. One of them was caused by an attempt to reintegrate the region under its management based on the concept of «The Greater Central Asia». The special role of Kazakhstan for the American national interests was reviewed, where a better investment climate in the region was created. As a consequence, the level of interaction with Astana has been upgraded to a strategic partnership. Among other states Uzbekistan presents considerable political interest, Turkmenistan in its turn - economic interest. It was established in the article that the relationship between the United States and the countries of Central Asia in the field of innovation promotes scientific cooperation in the framework of the NATO «Partnership for Peace».

Keywords: innovative development, integration, regional policy, the United States, Central Asia