Homo Innovaticus: Paradoxes and Contradictions of the Innovative Anthropological Project

This article sets the task of the integration between social science and innovation study. In this article Homo innovaticus is described as a special anthropological project of modernity. Some paradoxical and contradictory traits and characteristics of the Homo innovaticus are considered. The article discusses the situation of risk society, when increasing the risks and complexity of working with them. Creation and consumption shows as simultaneous, but multi-directional vectors of the human force application. Change of orientation of innovative development is detected: innovations are produced not only to meet the needs, but to create new needs. Focus on the future, the desire to «win the future» is shown as a typical trait of the innovation ideology. It is connected to the problem of discontinuity with the traditions. In general terms, described contradictions characterize the transition to the post-industrial information society, problems of global economic world.

Keywords: homo innovaticus, innovative man, postindustrial society