Composite Polymer Materials: Innovations in Industry

The technology for design of composite polymer structures is presented, which has been developed at the Krylov State Research Centre and successfully implemented in the development of advanced composite ships. Ship deck grillages and girders are used to exemplify the optimization of manufacturing processes with application of highly efficient closed-mold methods like infusion and RTM. These techniques reduce molding labor effort, high strength and manufacturing quality confirmed by good test results and long service life of such ship structures. The technology for design and manufacturing of composite polymer grillages and girders can be applied to construction of pedestrian cross-overs as well as various bridge structures. As compared to conventional metal and reinforced concrete structures the composite polymer structures are noted for their relatively light weight and high corrosive resistance making them easy to install and reducing labor and maintenance costs.

Keywords: composite polymer materials, design, technology, girders, grillages, bridges, cross-overs