Innovations №11 / 2013


  1. New Economy Policy is Needed for Modern Russia
  2. Companies and Skolkovo Centre for Collective Use are in Centre of Events at the Saint-Petersburg International Innovation Forum
  3. Innovative Development of Defense Industry in a Market Economy
  4. The Modernization won't be done without Qualitative Rearmament of the Machine Industry
  5. Composite Polymer Materials: Innovations in Industry
  6. Indicators of Innovative Development of Russian Regions for the Purposes of Monitoring and Control
  7. Main Directions of the Implementation of the Innovation Potential of R&D Institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  8. Information Technologies and Information Society Economy
  9. Foreign Investments as a Mechanism for the Russian Economy Development
  10. Neo-Industrial Premises and Complexity in the Development and Adaptation of New Technologies
  11. Investing in R&D for innovative development in the BRICS
  12. The State Policy of Azerbaijan in the Sphere of Innovations
  13. Moldovan Competitiveness and Innovations in the Process of Globalization
  14. Corporation Education as an Example of Public-Private Partnership
  15. Ranking of Universities as a Tool in Competitive World Education Market
  16. The Innovative and Educational Cluster as a Mechanism to Accelerate Innovation Process in the Region
  17. Analysis of Opportunities for Implementation of the Effective Labor Contract for Researchers of Universities
  18. Automated Search of Sustainable Scientific (Research) Groups among Organizations-and-Participating in the State Programs
  19. Evaluation of the Capitalization Growth of Innovative Companies: Multiplier Capitalization Growth
  20. Development Strategy for the Organization of the Service Sector
  21. Radars with Transmitters-of-Opportunity. Part 2: Air Situation and Ecological Monitoring