The Modernization won't be done without Qualitative Rearmament of the Machine Industry

Now the Russian state policy emphasizes the development of the machine industry. The industry determines that the Russian Federation will occupy a leader place among nations with high-tech industry and competitive products or grow in the source of primary products for economy of world leading nations. The Russian government has founded the Federal Target Programmes for modernization and support of innovation projects. The priority branches was named the machine-tool construction and the construction of diesel. The leader of the domestic construction of diesel has been JSC «ZVEZDA» (Saint-Petersburg). The company was included in the Federal Target Programme as a social important project for development of industry. Plavnik Pavel Gar'evich has been the chair of the Committee of Directors at the company. He was the general director since 2003 to 2013 years. He tells the readership of the magazine «Innovatsii» about the project and the changes in the industry caused by new tasks.