The impact of an innovative customer-oriented approach to risk management on the development of an industrial enterprise

In the sectoral economy at the present stage, innovation activity has become a necessary and mandatory condition for the efficiency of management. At the same time, the final result directly depends on the creation of sustainable competitive advantages, and customer orientation enhances the effect of innovation. Based on the results of highlighting the advantages of industrial enterprises in influencing innovation, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to implement a systematic approach to managing innovative development, understanding "consistency" in terms of the scale of management, covering all participants. A systematic approach to the management of industrial enterprises is implemented in practice through multiple management models that differ in the specifics of the functionality in the sphere of impact on innovation. The difference between the proposed client–oriented model of industrial enterprise management is the emphasis on managing relationships with market counterparties — suppliers of raw materials for production and trading. The research is devoted to the analysis of the interaction of mechanisms of customer orientation and innovative development. This is evident from the main results of innovation — more effective customer satisfaction and, as a result, the economic growth of the enterprise

Keywords: innovation, innovation, customer-oriented approach, risk management.


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