Some aspects of ensuring the innovative development of the national economy on the basis of improving the system of training engineering personnel

The destructive impact of international sanctions on the Russian economy, the restriction of access to high technologies in critical industries and the need to maintain and ensure high GDP growth rates as a condition of technological independence of the state require an immediate response and economically sound management decisions. The analysis of the labor market of engineering personnel revealed long periods of professional formation of young specialists. The development of an innovative economy initiates the introduction of a modern system for selecting applicants and training qualified engineering personnel. Ensuring the responsibility of the members of the economic community gives grounds for the implementation of a harmonious system of personal work and public-private order in the process of training engineers. The development of advanced engineering schools will ensure the localization of the development of critical technologies and goods for the economy and consumers, the formation of large technical and economic blocks by industry

Keywords: employment of graduates, public-private partnership, advanced engineering schools


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