Russian regions scientific and technological security monitoring: index approach

The article continues papers series devoted to Russian regions scientific and technological security monitoring. The paper presents an index method for Federation’s subjects scientific and technological security assessment. We propose scientific and technological security generalized indices construction toolkit using indicators system, including five projections that characterize regions scientific and technological security various aspects. An original monitoring technique has been developed, which includes seven stages: information preparing, bringing indicators to a dimensionless form, normalized indicators comparative and dynamic analysis, generalized indices determination, regions comparative analysis, region balance assessment and indicators dynamics analysis averaged over Russian Federation constituent entities ensemble. Methodology distinctive feature is the ability to build a comprehensive assessment and rank territories both in terms of scientific and technological security general level, and in region scientific and technological activity certain areas. Methodology verification was carried out on open statistical data basis and made it possible to position Russian Federation federal districts and regions according to various quantitative characteristics: initial indicators and rates of their change, generalized indices, standard deviations for scientific and technological security indicators set, average values change linear trend slopes in regions scientific and technological security generalized indices, etc.

Keywords: scientific and technological security, region, index method, indicators ranking, comprehensive assessment, comparative analysis


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