Experience in conducting interdisciplinary researches of development of production of civil products in the vertically integrated structures of the defense-industrial complex

The article describes the experience of conducting interdisciplinary research on the development of civilian production in the integrated structures of the defense industry of Russia, and also describes the main results obtained in the process of implementing this research project. The project was carried out by a team of authors, formed from the participants in the Program for identifying leaders of labor collectives of JSC «Concern VKO «Almaz – Antey» and consisting mainly of young specialists and heads of a number of its subsidiaries. The main result of the work of the team of authors was a monograph, which considers possible ways to increase the share of civilian products in the integrated structures of the defense industry

Keywords: conversion, diversification, civilian products, common consumption goods, defense industry, vertically integrated structure, high-tech enterprise, interdisciplinary research, team of authors


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