Will the Universities Manage to Respond to the National Technology Initiative Talent’s Challenge. Experience of Using HR practices in Change Management in Educational Practices of the Russian Universities

In the recent years the Russian state has essentially improved its policy toward the higher education. It started a number of ambitious government programs aimed to promote Russian universities to the level of global competitiveness. The Russian state is actively advancing the most innovative approaches in order to propel the national economy toward leadership in several global high-technology markets in prospect of 2035. At the same time, one of the fundamental issues vital for competitive growth of the economy is not solved yet. That is the issue of effective interaction of business and universities in Russia. In particular, Russian universities mainly remain inaccessible for quality validation by employers as they do not use independent audit as a tool to stimulate changes in their academic and scientific activities. Change management in Russian universities is one of the key tools for reorientation of the Russian economy toward the innovationbased development. This paper is dedicated to problems of change management in Russian higher education institutions as exemplified by a particular case of utilization of best HR practices for assessment of quality of educational process in the Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Keywords: quality assurance of education, pedagogical practices, change management in universities, national technology initiative, talents, HR-practices


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