Innovations №6 / 2017


  1. Global humanitarian and technological revolution: background and perspectives
  2. Innovative expectations from implementation of strategies of development of national economy
  3. Will the Universities Manage to Respond to the National Technology Initiative Talent’s Challenge. Experience of Using HR practices in Change Management in Educational Practices of the Russian Universities
  4. There is still high uncertainty in the gas and oil market
  5. Institutional models of the university in socio-economic systems
  6. Tendencies of scientifically-innovative process characteristics in Russia macroregions
  7. The factors of investment and economic efficiency (on the data of the agricultural enterprises of North- West Russia)
  8. Diversity regulation for industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and smart cities
  9. Innovation capabilities of Russian firms: a crucial role of information component
  10. Methodological dilemmas of studying of innovation ecosystem in cross-national perspective
  11. Entrepreneurial universities in less innovative regions: problems and solutions
  12. Modernization of higher education: levels of innovation activities
  13. Formation of Interregional Far Eastern Innovation center: opportunities and constraints
  14. Commercial efficiency of the investment project portfolio investment, early-stage projects, innovative projects
  15. Monitoring of Innovative Project’s Realization for Taking Major Investment Decisions
  16. Methodology of risk-optimizing planning development for the innovative project in the oil and gas sector
  17. X-ray diagnostics in veterinary medicine
  18. System approach to improving strategic management in the agricultural sector of Moldova