Assessment of the prospects of conquering the global technology leadership of the Russian Federation in the global patent landscape of the projection

To assess the competitiveness of the domestic high-tech companies in the fight for the innovation award, arising in the derivation of the world market a new high-tech products made analysis of patent documents with the Russian priority, stated Russian residents in foreign patent offices. On the basis of the evidence shows that the structure of the holders of the patent rights of the Russian Federation is fundamentally different from that in the industrialized countries. The predominance of individual applicants and research institutions, small proportion of patent documents published outside the country, provide a basis to evaluate the chances of Russian companies in the development of the world's high-tech markets as extremely limited. Identified scientific and technological groundwork for the Russian seizure of the global market and the challenges posed by a specific structure of the holders of intellectual property rights.

Keywords: global technology leadership, technological sovereignty, post-industrial model of economic growth, intellectual property, patents, residents of the Russian Federation, foreign patent offices, patent categories.


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