Innovations №6 / 2016


  1. Problems of Russian scientific and technological development in the context of the Industrial Revolution
  2. The results of the scientific, technological and innovative development of the Russian economy in 2006-2016 years
  3. Strategy of crash
  4. Strategy-2035. Desirable. Possible. achievable
  5. "Proactive research and" elevator "for ideas" in the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation for the long term
  6. The role of quality in solving the problems of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation
  7. Step forward? (On the draft of the Long Term S&T Development Strategy of the Russian Federation)
  8. Assessment of the prospects of conquering the global technology leadership of the Russian Federation in the global patent landscape of the projection
  9. Inventive activity as a factor of innovative development of higher educational institute
  10. Multilevel model integrators to develop high-tech industries
  11. Innovative development of Russian oil and gas industry in terms of sanctions and falling prices for hydrocarbons
  12. Theory and practice of public procurement of innovative products
  13. The development of spatial innovation systems in the form of international technology strategic alliances
  14. Mechanisms of institutional support of innovation economic growth points
  15. Researching the level and dynamic difference’s influence of the regions science-technical development on economics and life quality
  16. Study of innovative development of BRICS countries on the basis of the financing of investment in R&D
  17. Strategy of Development of Science of Moldova-2020. Science reform
  18. Innovative project risks of high-tech industries enterprises (HTIE)
  19. Engineering innovation in upgrading high-tech industries