Innovation instrument of state support for involvement to the Russian universities of leading scientists

In the article the innovation instrument of the open grant competition of the Government of the Russian Federation designed to support research projects implemented by leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning with the goal of strengthening of their competitiveness in the world scientific educational space, is analyzed. The intermediate results of the of the Russian Government Resolution № 220, of the 9 of April, 2010, realization in 2010-2013 are presented. The topicality of research is connected with an active search of possibilities for strengthening of universities’ competitiveness both at the university and national levels. The novelty of research is in exploration of the quantitative and the qualitative structures of the participants of realization of the researched instrument in the regional aspect and for priority directions of development of science, technologies and techniques in Russia are researched.In the course of research the general activity and the achieved potency indexes of the universities taken a part in the competition are explored. The regional hierarchy of the participation of the universities in this innovation development instrument is determined. The qualitative analysis of the effectiveness potential of the supported in the competition universities is conducted. The mechanism of strengthening of the university competitiveness at the expense of realization of the Russian Government Resolution №220 is evaluated in general, the risks are evaluated, and the future scenario of its application is intended.The article is prepared in the context of the project for research of the state of being relevant of Russian universities’ potential by request of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

Keywords: innovation policy, innovation instrument, innovation university, university competitiveness