Support Infrastructure for Small Innovative Companies at Modern University

At the moment, is being increasingly focused on the problem of entrepreneurship and small companies support at the Russian universities. This problem is especially important in terms of the latest legislative initiatives that have given to the budgetary higher educational institutions the right to become the founder of the small innovative companies. With the aim of practical implementation of their inventions, Universities ready enlarge the number of such companies, and use the IP rights as an investment resource. Nevertheless, higher educational institutions do not put significant efforts to their enterprises development. The authors believe that this is caused by the insufficiency of legislation, competence and investment resources for university enterprises’ activity support. Support infrastructure for small innovative companies at modern university is featured by arising new forms of support that cover all the three infrastructure elements: institutional, professional (staff) and financial. And, in accordance to the model of «entrepreneurial university», higher educational institution is able and should put its efforts to develop and enhance each of the elements listed above.

Keywords: small innovative enterprise, infrastructure of innovations, innovative activities of university