Formation of the industrial system of the Baikal region on the basis of integration innovation projects

The directions of development of the Baikal region as an industrial system based on projects that strengthen interregional production and technological ties during the continuation of the industrialization process based on new technologies are considered. The need to institutionalize the Baikal region as a new federal district is pointed out. The system-forming mega-project is the creation of a new metallurgical base of the country comparable to the Ural. The possibilities of building new large timber-processing complexes using advanced technologies, as well as machine-building enterprises for the forest industry as a field of specialization of the Irkutsk region are shown. The key importance of the development of coal chemical technologies in the region is shown. The Baikal region is becoming a center for the production of rare earth elements obtained from its own and imported raw materials. The possibility of the formation of the «Baikal energy Ring» is indicated. A project has been proposed to create a new cosmodrome in the south of Transbaikalia. The directions of intensive development of pasture animal husbandry as a raw material base of the light and food industry of the region are determined.

Keywords: Baikal region, industrial system, innovative projects, interregional integration


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