Issues of interaction between higher educational institutions (universities) with industry

The article deals with the interaction of industrial enterprises and universities on the basis of the joint R&D. The state of such interaction at present and in the future is analyzed. It is shown that the trust formed during the joint work on a common goal, the solution of practical problems that arise in production, create new scientific and applied directions. Risk assessments are proposed, which enterprises and universities carry out with the involvement of the usefulness of R&D at various stages of the product life cycle. The assessment of R&D by usefulness serves at the stages of R&D, especially at the beginning, in view of the uncertainties in achieving the final result and in this regard, involving a group of decision makers (DMG) with common interests based on the experience and intuition of those groups.

Keywords: DMG, R&D, usefulness, CAD, TEB, product life circle.


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