From «Technopark in school» to «School-technopark»

The article presents the project «Regional (network) Resource Centre of Education Development of the Leningrad Region «Kudrovo» (R(N)RCED LR)», which is realized since 2016 under the decision of the Government of the Leningrad Region, on the basis of the municipal education budget organization «Center for Education «Kudrovo» of Vsevolozhsk municipal district with the direct participation of the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (ETU «LETI»). R(N)RCED LR integrates resource of educational and scientific organizations general, higher and extra (additional) education, which aims to identify and develop the talents of schoolchildren of the Leningrad Region in scientific and engineering fields and provides a systematic approach to solving urgent problems in the field of technical education and development scientific and technical creativity of children throughout the territory of the Leningrad Region.Such approach allows to implement the Federal state educational standard of general education to a qualitatively new level, to improve the quality of practice-oriented school education and build competence conscious choice of future profession, competitiveness and adaptability to the modern requirements of development the key branches of the economy, as well as the successful socialization in life

Keywords: School-technopark, robotics, the Internet of Things, nanotechnology, geoinformation systems, bionics, 3D-modeling, project works, employers, practice-oriented approach


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