The development of the technological base of innovation-oriented industrial enterprise on the basis of agglomeration

In a difficult macroeconomic environment for the successful functioning of innovation-oriented industrial companies is maintaining a high level of development of the technological base. The article covers the typical problems faced by industrial enterprises in implementation of innovation. The results of the analysis of experience in industrial cooperation in the Russian Federation. The experience of successful agglomerations is based, generally, on public-private partnership with an innovation-oriented industrial enterprise, which provides motivation and interest of each participant. The analysis allowed to identify 4 possible usage of industrial cooperation in the development of the technological base of innovation-oriented industrial enterprise. Considered each of the options and provides General recommendations to improve the motivation to participate in the agglomeration process. The most promising direction of development of the technological base of innovation-oriented industrial enterprise is a clustered cooperation

Keywords: innovation-oriented development, technological base, agglomeration, cooperation, concordant, innovation infrastructure


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