The Russian oil and gas complex in new conditions: the geopolitical situation, the formation of alternative sales markets, prospects for the development of domestic technologies

А year has passed since the introduction of unprecedented sanctions against the Russian economy. As expected, the Russian oil and gas complex was the most affected. The article discusses and analyzes the problems that have arisen in the oil and gas complex as a result of the restrictions imposed. The main ones are: the logistics of export supplies of hydrocarbons is disrupted; there is a delay and failures in paying for export supplies of energy resources; revenues to the federal budget from NGC are reduced. Export supplies of hydrocarbons began to be reoriented mainly to the eastern world markets, however, since it is difficult to quickly rebuild gas pipeline supplies, the emphasis in the country is on increasing the production and supply of liquefied natural gas to the world market. To solve most of the problems that have arisen, the role of the Northern Sea Route has increased many times. In modern conditions, the Northern Sea Route should assume the role of one of the main transport highways of Russia. This requires access to its ports by railways, highways, and inland waterways. As a result, the Northwest, Siberia and the Far East will be connected, and the Northern Sea Route will serve as a kind of ice Transsib

Keywords: oil and gas complex, anti-Russian sanctions, logistics, export, liquefied natural gas, northern sea route.


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