New Course by MARINET

The author presents key segments of the MARINET roadmap approved within the National Technology Initiative: digital navigation, technologies for ocean resources development, innovative shipbuilding and human resources development. These directions will be a guideline for the development of Russian technologies for the marine industry and Russian high-tech companies over the next 20 years. Also, he makes analysis of approaches and results of the MARINET activity during the last years, as well as the existing challenges and opportunities for overcoming them. The current plans and priorities of the MARINET are outlined on the basis of the discussion and decisions taken at the MARINET Group in St. Petersburg on September 19, 2019 including development of the Maritime Cluster of Skolkovo Innovation Center and international network of MARINET hubs for promotion, sales and post-sales support of the MARINET companies

Keywords: MARINET, digital navigation, maritime transport, shipbuilding, underwater robotics, autonomous ships, ocean resources development


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