Problems of Budget Funding for Science in Russia

In last years in Russia budget funding of scientific activity increased significantly. In 2011-th budget expenditures on science achieved corresponding values in such countries as Italy, France and Great Britain. However, it has not affected considerably on productivity of science. In article with using of data on budget performance of the Russian Federation some reasons of such situation were considered. In particular, it is possible to allocate insufficient concentration of financial resources on the most important directions of scientific development, as well as inappropriate usage of budget resources. There are no sufficient funds (summary about 4% from the general budget expenditures on science) for grants. Opacity of some budget articles complicates the efficiency analysis according to the scheme «resource-result». In inefficient using of budget funds heavy overhead costs in science and the insufficient attention paid to creation and modernization of laboratory base can play an important role.

Keywords: budget funding, science, scientific activity