Topics and rubrics

The magazine «Innovation» examines questions of the innovation economy, innovations in enterprises, the commercialization and the management of technologies and other important aspects of the transfer of the economy to an innovation way of the development.

The topics of the magazine:

  • Theoretical and methodological questions of innovation economy, the creation of its institutional bases.
  • Questions of the creation and the development of national and regional innovation systems; the policy of State about the creation of national innovation systems: a content, a form and methods of the realization. There are experiences of the development of national innovation systems in Russia and abroad.
  • A sector of a generation of knowledge: problems of the development and the modernization.
  • Problems and experience of the creation of the innovation infrastructure.
  • The innovation process in higher school and the education in general.
  • Innovations in productions.
  • The commercialization of technologies.
  • Intellectual properties and the management of intangible assets
  • The management and the marketing of technologies.
  • Prognosis of the development of the innovation economy.
  • The legal regulation of innovations.
  • The creation of a system of financing of innovations.
  • The creation of the social environment, the business culture will be susceptible for innovations.
  • Forms and methods of the realization of innovation projects from different levels and scales, private and state partnerships in the innovation sphere.
  • Problems and experience of the development of innovations in the CIS.
  • Problems and experience of the development of innovations in foreign countries.
  • Prognosis and the choice of priorities in the sphere of science and technic.
  • The Agglomeration process of subjects of innovation activities (special economic zones, scientific cities, clusters, areas of innovation, etc.).
  • The education of personnel for the innovation sphere.
  • Questions of the monitoring of the innovation sphere.
  • The management of an innovation economic system.
  • Sociology of innovations.
  • Other questions of innovations.

The topics correspond to the scientific professions 8.00.05, 05.13.10, 22.00.08.

Note: The concept about themes of the magazine gives publications of all issues from 1998 to 2013 years. Access to the archive is free after a registration.

The main rubrics of the magazine:

  • «The innovation economy» – scientific articles and analytical surveys about questions of the innovation economy;
  • «Innovations in regions» – scientific and methodological questions about the creation of regional innovation systems, the state regional policy, experience of regional innovation activities;
  • «The education and innovations» – questions of the development of the education and educating of personnel for the innovation economy, the creation of the innovation infrastructure in the sphere of higher school and innovation projects in the education;
  • «Sociology of innovations» - questions and problems of social aspects of innovations;
  • «Innovations in the CIS» – articles and surveys of the development of innovations in the CIS, cross-country comparisons;
  • «The conjuncture. Prognoses. Tendencies» - analytical materials about the development of innovation processes in the economy, industries, regions, scientific and technology prognoses, foresight researches, technological and market surveys;
  • «International innovations» - questions of scientific and innovation policies in foreign countries, the participation in international programs of the support of researches and innovations, experience of foreign organizations and company in the innovation sphere;
  • «Law. Management. Marketing» - the legal bases, the management and the marketing of innovations, the organizational innovations;
  • «Information technologies and resources» - information technologies of innovation activities, its information support, a database and banks of knowledge for innovations.
  • «A bookshelf» - abstracts and reviews of new editions about the innovation economy and the management of innovations, surveys of new publications;
  • «Innovation Russia» – practical experience and problems of innovations, the development of the innovation infrastructure, discussions about ways of the creation of the innovation system of Russia.

The rubric «Innovation Russia» includes rubrics:

  • «From official sources» – governmental and departmental documents, transcripts of meetings, articles of public authorities;
  • «Problems and experience» - experience and problems of innovations;
  • «The network of the support» - problems and experience of the creation and the development of the innovation infrastructure;
  • «Programs. Projects» - the information about programs of the support of innovations and importance innovation projects;
  • «The invitation to the discussion» - authors’ discussion articles;
  • «The innovation club» - discussions with experts about topical questions of innovation activities;
  • «Events and facts» - information about important events in the innovation sphere, announcements of conferences and other public events;
  • «The venture capital» - the development of the venture investment of innovation projects;
  • «Exchange of technologies and contacts» - innovation investment projects, the scientific research and the development, technological requests and offers, invitations to a partnership.